New Collar Goods


Growing up near the Adirondack Mountains we spent days outside lounging with family in Adirondack chairs and nights sitting at large solid wood farm tables with leaf extensions that could often seat ten people. We've always had an appreciation for the role that furniture plays in our lives and how it becomes the foundation of any gathering.

Living near the Adirondacks influenced our furniture design mostly by way of lifestyle. We brought with us the desire to take time to connect with those around us, to sink into the moment and to slow down. It is our belief that a good piece of furniture should make you want to stay a little longer, to have another drink and to remain among friends. That is our motivation when we create a new piece.

After moving to Denver, CO many years ago, our interest in design has grown and we continue to push ourselves to learn more about the designers that came before us and the building techniques that continue to innovate our industry.

As for the name?

We wanted to pay homage to the blue-collar tradesmen that spent their lives perfecting a craft. We come from a small town where many people are blue-collar workers and we feel it's important to honor these trades/tradespeople with our work. With access to new design tools and building techniques, we are working towards a new era of blue-collar craft, hence the name New Collar Goods. 


Jon & Deana