New Collar Goods

We're a two-person furniture studio in Denver, Colorado.

We're A two-person woodworking studio in Denver, Colorado.

Growing up near the Adirondack Mountains we spent days outside lounging with family in Adirondack chairs and nights sitting at large solid wood farm tables with leaf extensions that could often seat ten people.

Since moving to Denver, CO 6 years ago, we have been exposed to a modern/minimalist aesthetic. As Denver continues to grow we are observing a new era of architecture and home decor that continues to influence us creatively. 

We are finding inspiration in this ever-changing landscape and are constantly trying to find a marriage between the traditional/historical and modern/minimalist design. We’re set on offering goods that are rooted in classic American design with a modern influence to stand as timeless pieces for your home.

A bit about Deana

With a long time love for home décor and a background in the Home Furnishing industry, Deana started building her own goods with Jon on the weekends as a creative outlet.

Finding a greater sense of fulfillment in this line of work, she quickly found her way around the workshop and took pride in each new project. It was then that Deana decided to leave her day job to start New Collar Goods with Jon.

Deana loves making a house, a functional and comfortable home and it certainly translates in our designs. She’ll be the one questioning whether there is enough space down the middle of the table for food platters and calculating just how many essentials can fit on our side tables. With her attention to detail and eye for design, she is finding a great sense of accomplishment in the workshop.

A bit about Jon

Beginning his creative journey as a graphic designer, Jon continually tried to turn his 2-dimensional creations in to 3-dimensional goods. 

After a few years serving as an in-house designer, Jon branched out to work for himself. At this time, he was given the opportunity to work with some very creatively charged start ups in Denver. This allowed him to use his hands as well as his computer to assist in the marketing efforts of these new businesses.

Jon quickly came to realize that his passion was found in the workshop, creating and solving new build challenges for clients. He loves dreaming up new designs that are intriguingly simple, yet technical in their execution. He is constantly pushing himself to learn more about design and build innovations while remaining rooted in the classic practices of woodworking and welding.